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Scarcity of Bank Lending Drives the Private Lending Market

Although the economy has shown some signs of improvement, there continues to be a scarcity of bank lending. Many entrepreneurs and businesses seeking capital are turning to private lenders, who may be able to offer more flexible terms and conditions to qualify for a loan. Investors can use their self-directed IRA accounts to finance private lending, creating arrangements that are read more >

Rental Strategy Using a Self-Directed IRA

With the housing market showing signs of improvement, real estate IRAs are becoming an increasingly popular investment for building wealth for retirement. However, when investing in property with a self-directed IRA, a rental strategy makes the most sense in today’s current economy. Retirement advisers are recommending that investors look at the properties in their real estate IRA as a long-term read more >


For the self-employed or a sole proprietor, an Individual(k) can offer unmatched potential for retirement savings. Learn more about this special type of 401(k) plan on our newly updated page about solo 401(k)s.


A SIMPLE IRA can be a great retirement plan for small- to mid-sized businesses. With limited employee matching and minimal start up paperwork, this type of individual retirement account is a solid option for companies that want an easy and affordable way to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty by offering retirement benefits.


Are you a small business owner or self-employed individual looking for a retirement plan with excellent tax advantages and high earning potential? Visit our updated SEP IRA page to learn more about self-directed SEP IRA retirement accounts.

Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA

Wondering if you should be investing in a self-directed Roth IRA instead of a Traditional IRA? Our newly updated Roth IRA information page will answer many of your questions.

Traditional IRA

We have just updated our Traditional IRA page! Find out how a CamaPlan Traditional IRA is anything but traditional when it comes to investment options and high-yield growth potential.

Real Estate is Hot For IRA Investments

Real estate has more than stabilized and the watch is on for residential properties. Prices are increasing for the first time in years, and the foreign influence in real estate purchases has buoyed the market. The residential rebound is a predictor that growth in the commercial market is not far behind. The decreasing value of the dollar in the past read more >

Precious Metals Made Easy for IRA Retirement Accounts

Precious metals have historically been considered one of the safest and most stable commodities in which to invest. However, many investors do not realize that they have the option to include these assets in their IRA accounts. Gold and other precious metals can be a sound investment choice for individuals wishing to diversify their holdings, and CamaPlan has made it read more >

IRS Giving IRA Holders a Chance to Catch Up

The IRS is giving holders of IRA accounts a chance to catch up by increasing the 2013 IRA contribution limits on tax-deferred and tax-free accounts. The increased contribution limit for both Traditional and Roth IRAs is the first increase since 2008, and it comes at an ideal time for workers concerned about potentially higher payroll taxes. Coupled with the higher read more >