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Investing in Real Estate With a Self-Directed IRA

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular ways to grow wealth in a self-directed IRA. There are numerous ways in which to invest in property, mortgages, tax liens, or real estate enterprises using funds from your retirement account. Learn more about the advantages of opening a real estate self-directed IRA with CamaPlan.

Rental Strategy Using a Self-Directed IRA

With the housing market showing signs of improvement, real estate IRAs are becoming an increasingly popular investment for building wealth for retirement. However, when investing in property with a self-directed IRA, a rental strategy makes the most sense in today’s current economy. Retirement advisers are recommending that investors look at the properties in their real estate IRA as a long-term read more >

Real Estate is Hot For IRA Investments

Real estate has more than stabilized and the watch is on for residential properties. Prices are increasing for the first time in years, and the foreign influence in real estate purchases has buoyed the market. The residential rebound is a predictor that growth in the commercial market is not far behind. The decreasing value of the dollar in the past read more >

Mary’s Story: Two For the Price of One

Mary was a student in the “Real Estate Riches” program in Philadelphia in early 2008 as the real estate market “bubble” was beginning to burst. As she saw real estate prices declining, she decided to move her IRA from the stock market to CamaPlan, so she would be ready to purchase an investment property. She sold her stock and transferred read more >