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Self-Directed IRAs with Carl Fischer at

In this interview, CamaPlan’s founder Carl Fischer shares his extensive expertise on the subject of Self-Directed IRAs.

Listen and learn the finer points and nuances of investing as Carl discusses his early foray into real estate followed by his initial encounter in 1993 with the then esoteric concept known as the Self-Directed IRA.

Carl’s quest to learn as read more >

EINs for Self-Directed IRAs

What is an EIN and, more importantly, as an investor, do I need one for MY Self-Directed IRA?

EINs, or Employer Identification Numbers, are issued by the IRS for the purposes of tax administration.

If your self-directed IRA has invested in an LLC, then, YES, you do need one.

As an investor in an LLC, your SDIRA will receive a K-1 in read more >

Direct Registration of Stocks (DRS): Protect Your Securities

According to the SEC, investors have three options when it comes to holding securities. The first option is a physical certificate. The second option is “Street Name” Registration, which means that a brokerage firm holds the security for you on their books. The third option is Direct Registration. The Direct Registration System (DRS) provides registered owners with the option of read more >

Changes From the Market Crash of 2008

Sideline Money – Americans are not so quick to jump into the stock market. Millionaires now place a higher priority on growth than wealth preservation, which is a reversal from last year. 16% plan to invest disposable income in the next few months and 40% expect to invest over the next two years.(1) Many are looking for tangible assets to combat read more >

Top Seven Reasons to Sell a Life Insurance Policy

1. As part of a change in estate planning or investment objection.
2. To pay for healthcare costs for themselves or someone in their family.
3. To fund a more cost-effective life insurance policy. One out of every three settlements results in the insured creating a new life insurance policy.
4. Premium payments are no longer affordable.
5. An alternative to read more >

Enjoy the Tax Benefits of an HSA

A health savings account (HSA) coupled with a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is a powerful tool for securing your future. Learn more about the many tax benefits of HSAs on our “Choose Your CamaPlan” page, including eligibility requirements and benefits for employers. An HSA is the only vehicle known where the contributions are tax-deductible and the distributions are tax-free when used read more >

A Mission for Manna: CamaPlan Uses Social Media to Raise Money for Soup Kitchen

Manna on Main Street’s Florence Nightingale Challenge kicked off May 1st, with self-directed IRA administrator CamaPlan participating with other local businesses. The Challenge is a friendly competition fundraiser that strives to raise money and awareness to help neighbors in need. The mission of Manna on Main Street is to end hunger in the North Penn region through their soup kitchen, read more >

White House Budget Would Limit Retirement Savings

The President’s budget proposal has caused great concern among retirement advisers and individuals. The budget the White House has put forth recommends strict new IRA limits that would dictate how much individuals can save for their own retirement. President Obama has proposed that individual retirement accounts be limited to a cap of $3 million, in a move that would affect read more >

Stock Market Not the Only Game in Town

The stock market’s recent gains are big news right now, but savvy investors know that stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are not the only game in town when it comes to building wealth for retirement. True self-direction in a retirement account such as an IRA has long been an option, but many investors are unaware of this non-traditional investment strategy. read more >


For the self-employed or a sole proprietor, an Individual(k) can offer unmatched potential for retirement savings. Learn more about this special type of 401(k) plan on our newly updated page about solo 401(k)s.