Stock Market Not the Only Game in Town

The stock market’s recent gains are big news right now, but savvy investors know that stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are not the only game in town when it comes to building wealth for retirement. True self-direction in a retirement account such as an IRA has long been an option, but many investors are unaware of this non-traditional investment strategy. Individuals with experience investing in real estate or private equity can use their retirement account to fund these potentially high yield assets. At CamaPlan, we partner with investors to show them how to use their own expertise and knowledge to create a truly diversified retirement portfolio.

The reason that most Americans have their retirement funds invested in stocks and bonds is because that is the type of financial product that traditional large brokerage firms prefer to offer. The average investor is unaware of the broad range of investment opportunities permitted within their IRA. CamaPlan operates under a philosophy of self-direction in building wealth. Our premise is that the account owner should have the freedom to choose the investments that will help them meet their retirement goals. Investors, in return, are finding confidence in leveraging their own business experience and the knowledge gained over a lifetime to make intelligent, informed investment decisions. As their practical experience with self-direction grows, they become empowered to make ever more lucrative investments in non-traditional assets including real estate, precious metals, mortgage notes, hedge funds, and private loans.

Successful retirement investment strategies take a long view, while also accounting for current economic realities. Although the stock market has been trending upward recently, its unchallenged position at the top of the investment world will not last forever. It was not long ago that Americans saw their retirement account balances go in to free fall along with the Dow. Individuals who put all of their retirement nest egg into the stock market basket, so to speak, are very exposed to market volatility. Diversified IRAs and 401(k)s, by contrast, are less vulnerable to the ups and downs of the stock market. To aid individuals interested in building wealth on their own terms, we have extensive education opportunities that enable investors to increase both their investment knowledge and the size of their retirement accounts. Through Cama Academy, we offer workshops, seminars and online webinars on investment topics such as real estate, tax liens and deeds, mortgages and notes, precious metals, hedge funds, tax strategies, business and estate planning, and balancing risk and return.