CamaPlan has been the sponsor of the prototype plan for my self-directed 401(k) for nearly 7 years and I am very happy with the service.  I have a lot of successful experience investing SD 401(k)/Roth funds, including redeploying nearly half a million dollars in the past 2 months after exiting rentals in my SD 401(k)/Roth. I also recommend listening to CamaPlan’s podcasts shown at CamaPlan is my service provider of choice!

Marc Halpern – Real Estate Investor, Coach & Trainer

I have an account with Cama.I had the distinct pleasure of dealing with one of your employees, on Jan. 28, 2021. I am remiss for not sending this email the same day, to your operations.

I reached out for help with your payment site, had multiple questions etc. I would like to provide you with some very positive feedback regarding that call.

Your employee could not have been nicer,  was very professional, articulate and knowledgeable. Since I am older and never used your system online, she helped me navigate it, answered multiple questions and had a very upbeat attitude in dealing with me. Just thought you would appreciate some positive feedback! Kudos to her!~

Carole I.

We have been with CamaPlan for many years and are very happy with their services. They go above and beyond!

Ginny S.

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the effort and help that Cama employees puts into their work.  I have had several conversations concerning my account and you guys have always been very helpful in making things happen when needed… I appreciate all of your help.

Allen C.

Thank you all!

I’m just writing to say thank you to all of you in the operations department. And especially to the person who handled my Asset Purchase Directive today. In a short timeframe you were able to complete my request and get the funds wired out the door this afternoon.

You are the unsung doers and heroes getting the job done in support of Cama’s clients.

Thank you again,

Frank M. – CamaPlan’s Operations Dept.

I’m opening up some accounts for my children using CamaPlan as they have become friends of our group. Carl Fischer runs a professional outfit.

Martin S.

Thanks for your awesome presentation on SDIRAs. I definitely picked up some new ideas. This was the most in depth talk I’ve heard on the subject.

Eric S.

They are great people to have on your team. They have always been available to answer questions to our membership as well being available to answer my own personal questions related to self directed IRA’s. They are true professionals and easy to work with.

Scott Polsky – Scott Polsky Law, P.C.

Carl and his team are always responsive to my client’s needs unlike other companies where you have to leave a message or get a response a few days later. They are always there for my clients.

Philip J. Scolieri, Esq. – Scolieri Law Group, P.C.

I have recommended CamaPlan to my fellow investors, family members and our private investors because Carl understands investment properties.

Sharon Harkins – Vice President, ACRE of Pittsburgh

CamaPlan has a knowledgeable staff that quickly responds to all questions making sure the customer is always in the best place with their investments.

Steve Lloyd – Stone Bay Holdings, LLC

They are very responsive, very knowledgeable, and extremely customer service oriented. I also know that after referring CamaPlan to others they have in turn referred Carl and his company to their associates.

Bill Detweiler

As with any industry, clients want to feel that they matter, that they are not just a number on a file. We strongly recommend CamaPlan because they provide such a high level of care to their clients.

Elizabeth E. Morrow, Esquire

CamaPlan staff are knowledgeable, cooperative, and very active with us, especially in educating our clients, students, and employees.

Dave Van Horn – President, PPR Note Company

As a national speaker and real estate pro for over 20 years, I have and will continue to mention Carl and Camaplan at all my events.

Pete Youngs – CEO, Youngs Enterprises

We recommend your company all the time to our 400 agents!

Jeremy B.

I was impressed! Thank you so much for the obvious effort that goes into your hiring and training practices.

Bill Q.

I just want to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with your team in comparison with other custodians. They make things so simple and communicate clearly. Thanks so much

Wendy S.

Thank you for providing these alternate types of investment ideas for your clients. I am looking forward to the next offering, as well as attending some of the workshops that are in line with my financial goals. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Stephen P.

I have personally worked with CamaPlan over the past 5 years as an investor and investment provider. They make the investment process easy and always provide excellent service!

Peter N.

Please accept this letter as my testimonial/reference on behalf of Carl Fischer and CamaPlan SDIRA, LLC. I have worked with Carl since his day as Entrust affiliate Entrust CAMA, and his company has served as the Self Directed IRA Custodian for many, many of my clients. I have conducted numerous real estate closings where CamaPlan has facilitated funding of the purchase by individual IRA accounts, the purchase by limited liability companies owned by the IRA accounts and the mortgage loan funding by IRA Lenders.

In all of my dealings with CamaPlan, their staff has been knowledgeable, their funding has been timely and efficient, their procedures for withdrawal and collection of funds are clear and reasonable. Perhaps the best testimonial that I can give to CamaPlan is that I chose them to be the custodian for my wife’s and my personal self-directed IRA accounts. We have invested those funds in mortgages and other self-directed investments, including a car loan, all with exceptional service from CamaPlan.

I endorse, without reservation, and encourage National REIA to work with CamaPlan SDIRA, LLC and Carl Fischer in any way possible moving forward. Carl himself is a leader in the industry, a knowledgeable teacher and a highly visible participant for ACRE of Pittsburgh, our Pennsylvania PROA State Association, and has been a longstanding and reliable participant with National REIA.

Bradley S. Dornish, Esquire

I always read all the CAMA emails for speakers and seminars to see what I can learn to help me be a smarter investor.

Bill S.