At the Cama Academy, An Informed Investor is Our Best Client

Experts recommend that investors focus on opportunities within their areas of expertise to earn the highest returns. Your unique knowledge of the local real estate market, a great business idea, a promising entrepreneur, or your employer’s industry, as examples, give you an advantage over others investing in those markets. Unfortunately, traditional IRA custodians limit your investment options to products within their expertise – CDs, mutual funds, money market funds, etc. Your knowledge becomes worthless, theirs is rarely worth what it costs you, and you watch great investment opportunities pass you by on a weekly basis.

The solution, of course, is to expand your IRA investment options with Cama self-directed savings plans, and importantly, to expand your personal knowledge of the many investment opportunities available.

Cama Academy is a knowledge base of articles, videos, and interactive webinars and seminars that help investors achieve both goals. An ongoing information series, Cama Academy joins our experts in the design, administration, and tax assessment of retirement and savings plans with thought leaders from a diverse range of investment areas, including real estate, venture capital, gold & silver, stock markets, and debt financing. Investors learn how to identify opportunities, evaluate their potential, and execute transactions in traditional and non-traditional markets within federal and state guidelines for tax-advantaged savings accounts.

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Education is the key in developing knowledge, understanding, and familiarity which is tantamount in implementing an investment strategy to secure your financial future. Cama Academy strives to provide that education through live classes, webinars, on-line seminars, workshops, articles, videos, court cases, Q&A sessions, etc. The Cama Academy efforts provide a method for individuals and their professional advisors to educate themselves on new investment types, view other strategies, review IRS rules and regulations, and other federal and local laws. Cama Academy promotes the use of trusted professionals and is certified to teach continuing education to attorneys, accountants, financial planners, realtors, appraisers and many others nationally and in multiple states. The majority of Cama Academy events are free. We will also schedule personal phone or live consultations to meet your schedule. Investors using self direction boast of better returns and less risk but sometimes under estimate the work involved. It would be a mistake to think “self direction” is a “Set it and forget it” approach to investments. Work and education is mandatory to obtain your desired results.

It is imperative you are comfortable with any investment and the people or organization associated with it before you get involved.

Cama Academy hosts professionals such as attorneys, accountants, realtors, company CEO’s, fund managers, global economists, financial planners, government officials, plan administrators, venture capitalists, etc at different events locally and around the country. Cama Academy never endorses any speakers. Classes are to be educational in nature and not to sell products although some speakers do have services or products for sale and are passionate about their investments. Due diligence is key to any investment. Cama Academy provides many of the tools necessary for those involved with self direction to perform due diligence before investing.


The views expressed by speakers at the Cama Academy are those of the speakers only and may not reflect those of Cama Academy, its members or employees. Cama Academy does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by the speakers (or attendees). Professional advisers should be consulted before implementing any options presented. Cama Academy absolutely does not endorse or recommend any individual or organization, including the speakers. Cama Academy, its members and employees do not accept liability for losses and/or damages arising from errors or omissions within, reliance upon, or any use of the information provided by the speakers. Individuals are strongly encouraged by Cama Academy to conduct their own due diligence before making any investment choices.

Cama Academy does not act as, nor offer the services of, an investment advisor, CPA, realtor or attorney. If tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other similar expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.