How It Works

Investing in a CamaPlan self-directed IRA is easier than you might think. Depending on your current investment portfolio and the asset classes that you’re interested in, you may enter the process at various stages outlined below. If you’re not sure where to begin, please contact us today!

1 Open a CamaPlan Self-Directed IRA How to open Select the account that’s right for you – Inherited IRA, Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Individual(K), HSA or ESA.

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Choose your preferred method to open an account. The easiest and fastest way is to open an account online.
Open a CamaPlan Account

2 Fund Your Account Fund your account Transfer/Rollover funds from an existing IRA or 401(k), or make a contribution.

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Complete funding paperwork:
Transfer Form
Rollover Form
Deposit Form

3 Select an Investment Option Select Investment Option Choose an investment opportunity for your IRA to purchase.

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Read about some of our most popular investment options if you are unsure.
Choose An Investment Option

4 Prepare your Investment

Orientation call with an Account Representative

Negotiate Investment Terms Your Account Representative will walk you through the process and paperwork required. You negotiate the terms of your investment based on what you’ve selected & perform necessary due diligence.

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Schedule an orientation call. Download the appropriate Asset Purchase checklist to review.
Real Estate
Mortgage Notes
Private Placements

5 Submit Asset Purchase Directive Submit Directive Submit required Asset Purchase paperwork based on the investment you’ve selected.

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Submit appropriate Asset Purchase paperwork
Asset Purchase Directive

6 Complete Purchase and Fund Investment Funds Transferred Cama sends funds to the appropriate party, per your instructions, to purchase the asset. The asset is recorded in your IRA.

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Register your account for online access – log in 24/7 to view the asset in your account & print statements.
Create An Account

7 Deposit Profits Profits Returned Monthly profits, if applicable, are deposited back into your Cama account and will remain FDIC-insured.

Next Steps

Down the road, you may want to sell your asset or purchase something else.
Deposit Form