Would You Like More Investment Choices for Your Retirement Funds?

It’s a common misconception among Americans that the only investments allowed in a retirement account are stocks, CDs, and mutual funds. The truth is that broader investment options have been available to the public since 1975, the year contributions could first be made to IRAs.

Why the confusion? Because the retirement industry has been dominated by large transaction-driven custodians who have focused on a narrow universe of investments. While these kinds of accounts may be right for some, they don’t offer the kind of freedom that a self-directed qualified retirement plan offers.

To fully maximize your investment options, you need to have a retirement plan that allows you to select your own self-directed investments. A fully self-directed retirement plan allows you the freedom to invest in many types of assets – assets that are not prohibited by the U.S. Treasury Department regulations and the Internal Revenue code.

With a CamaPlan self-directed IRA or real estate IRA, you are in full control and can choose from a wide range of permissible assets.