• Gold & Precious Metals

    Financial professionals across the globe all agree that asset diversification is the key to success. To reduce the risks of investing, many professionals suggest the purchase of precious metals to diversify investments.
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  • Real

    Your self-directed IRA can purchase any type of real estate, including single family and multi-unit homes, apartment buildings, co-ops, condos, commercial property, and improved or unimproved land.
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  • Mortgage

    A self-directed IRA can lend money, just like a bank or private individual. With a self-directed note in your IRA you choose the borrower, principal amount, interest rate, the length of the term,  and payment frequency.
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  • Private

    Entrepreneurs are the foundation of The American Dream.  Great ideas and hard work created this country.  Yet, even the best and brightest entrepreneurs need working capital to get their start.
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  • Tax

    Usually sold by counties and attached to local real estate, tax liens can be bought by your CamaPlan account, which earns the right to collect interest on the lien and obtain title to the asset if the lien is not repaid.
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  • Other

    Your self-directed IRA or real estate IRA can own or sell many different non-traditional types of investments, presenting attractive opportunities, depending on your situation and retirement investment goals.
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