1. No annual/maintenance fee until you purchase an asset

Cash-only accounts are not charged an annual fee. We feel it is important for accounts to be established so clients can focus on finding the right asset and perform the proper due diligence.

2. You pay only for the services that you use

We are the only company who prorates your annual fee based on when the purchase is made.

3. You choose your fee structure

Your annual maintenance fee will be calculated based on the value of your account, or by how many assets you have. Your fee selection can easily be changed, as your account changes and your wealth grows; you are in control. If you are not sure which fee structure would be the best for your account, you can consult with an Account Executive to help you make the right decision. We make this choice available to accommodate the different investment strategies and allow our clients to make the optimum choices. There is also a maximum amount that can be charged on either structure.

Option A: Asset-Based
Under our Asset-Based fee option, you pay a flat fee per asset per year. This means you will pay the same amount if you have a $100,000 single-family house or a $3 million office building in your account. CamaPlan does not believe that you should pay more just because you earn more.

Option B: Value-Based
Under our Value-Based fee option, you simply multiply the total value of your account by the factor we provide on our Fee Schedule. Accounts with less than $40,000 usually have a lower annual maintenance fee under this option.

See our Fees & Charges page for more details.

4. Convenient ways to pay

CamaPlan offers several ways to pay your transaction and annual fees; personal check, credit card, or debited from your account (if cash is available). We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Please note: a 3.5% convenience fee will apply when paying fees via credit card.

5. Precious Metals Fee Option

Under our Precious Metals Fee structure, the annual maintenance fee is based on value, with a minimum of $160/year and a maximum of $280/year. Depository storage costs and insurance of your metals is calculated by multiplying the precious metals value by .0015 and is paid in January of each year. Any additional costs (due to an increase in metals value), for storage and insurance will be adjusted at the sale of the asset or in January of the following year.

See our Precious Metals Fee Schedule for more details.

7. Referrals mean reduced rates!

CamaPlan provides opportunities for you to earn Cama Bucks that you can use to pay annual fees. Each referral earns $25 in Cama Bucks.

8. Our fees were structured “by investors, for investors”

In reality, CamaPlan fees are sometimes lower and sometimes higher than our competitors, but in most cases, it is not a discriminator because the difference is insignificant. In most cases, the fee difference between custodians/administrators is minimal and should not be a major factor in choosing your IRA custodian/administrator. For more information on how to choose an administrator, read our Why CamaPlan page.