Value People: Clients/customers, but also co-workers, employees, supervisors, vendors, affiliates, support people. Be courteous, kind, good neighbors and citizens.

Delight Customers: Under-promise and over-deliver superior service, accurate IRS reporting, easy account information access, clear reports and procedures. Provide education, flexibility and a helpful attitude.

Do the Right Thing: Make good decisions and correct mistakes ASAP.

Do things Right: Know the best standards and practices. Initiate and maintain the correct initiatives. Work with the right and best people.

Achieve Financial Stability:  For employees, the company, owners, clients, vendors and support agencies.

Embrace Change:  Change in the world and business is inevitable due to technology and geopolitical forces and without adaptation you will cease to exist.

Give Back: Provide time, treasure, and talent as necessary to better families, company, community, and country.