Growing beyond stocks and bonds…

Investors of all levels have been trained by the big fund management companies to believe that they’re better off giving up control of their money to “experts” and to taking a passive, hands-off approach to wealth management.

However, for a growing number of independent-minded investors who are dissatisfied with both low rates of return and restrictions on the investment vehicles offered by standard money management plans, the status quo is no longer acceptable.

For investors growing more confident in their own abilities to manage their own money, nothing makes as much sense as a self-directed IRA that puts them in control of their own financial destinies and also leverages the tax advantages built into the IRA structure.

And for independent-minded investors like you, no other self-directed IRA plan makes as much sense as CamaPlan.

CamaPlan was founded by veteran investors Carl Fischer and Maggie Polisano as a company run “for investors, by investors.” Since its inception in 2003, the name “CamaPlan” has come to be synonymous with expertise, flexibility, responsiveness, and diversity of investment choices.

For more information about Carl, check out his LinkedIn page.

What began as a small, regional firm dedicated to serving clients in the Northeastern US is now growing into a national presence…

CamaPlan first made its mark in its local market by providing superior client service and expert guidance to investors seeking the freedom and flexibility of a self-directed IRA, and it is now offering the same friendly, personalized service to investors across the country.  Now, as then, CamaPlan provides innovative investment opportunities for savvy investors seeking direct control and more choices in how they deploy their investment capital.

As CamaPlan has grown, its commitment to excellent service has remained constant. The heart of CamaPlan is its highly-trained staff, and they are known for being responsive to the needs of individual investors, especially those interested in investing in alternative assets such as precious metals, real estate, mortgage notes, hedge funds, and structured settlements, just the types of high-yield assets that traditional money managers steer their clients away from.

Real answers for real people…

CamaPlan doesn’t just make it possible to invest in alternative assets; it also teaches investors how to put their money to work, safely and wisely. Educating its investor-clients on the opportunities and benefits of self-directed investing and sharing new strategies is central to CamaPlan’s mission. In everything it does, CamaPlan seeks to empower its clients to maximize the advantages of self-directed investing by showing them new possibilities and helping its investors realize them.

Grow with us…

CamaPlan has stayed true to its origins as a local company serving a close-knit community of independent investors, and as it continues to grow, CamaPlan is in the unique position of being a nimble, responsive player among the larger financial firms that are beginning to enter the self-directed IRA market.

For investors seeking expert guidance, security, and personalized service in their self-directed investments, nothing makes more sense than CamaPlan.

CamaPlan. Growing wealth.