Precious Metals Made Easy for IRA Retirement Accounts

Precious metals have historically been considered one of the safest and most stable commodities in which to invest. However, many investors do not realize that they have the option to include these assets in their IRA accounts. Gold and other precious metals can be a sound investment choice for individuals wishing to diversify their holdings, and CamaPlan has made it easy and affordable for individuals to buy gold for their retirement funds.

Many Americans are unaware that they can, and should, hold a more diverse retirement portfolio than the usual stocks, CDs, and mutual funds, largely because traditional IRA managers do not offer precious metals. Investment experts generally advise investing at least 10% of a portfolio in gold or silver. Precious metals are considered a wise asset to hold because their intrinsic value acts as a form of insurance against currency fluctuations and because of the uncertainties of the stock market. To be clear, this refers to physical gold or silver bullion, not precious metals options, futures, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), or gold mines. Gold bullion also has an advantage over many other investment classes, such as real estate, because it can quickly be liquidated. With precious metals markets open worldwide 24 hours a day, gold can be converted to currency in a matter of minutes.

We¬†have streamlined the process of buying gold for IRA funds. Investors¬†who wish to vault gold in a self-directed IRA can take advantage of the stability and strong performance of gold, while enjoying a simplified process. Returns from gold have dramatically outperformed other investment classes over the last ten years, with a 500% increase in value in the past decade. CamaPlan’s streamlined method empowers individuals to quickly buy gold in fewer steps, thanks to our partnership with precious metals dealer Neptune Global Holdings and Diamond State Depository. Clients who purchase gold for their self-directed IRAs using the streamlined method have access to extensive support and investor education, including an IRA Account Executive and a Bullion Specialist, webinars, and a weekly video conference forum for precious metals investors.

For additional information on how to get started, visit our Gold & Silver Investment page.