1. Ease, speed, and convenience – Your team is established and procedures and documentation are simplified. Coordination is streamlined by prior agreements established with your IRA administrator (CamaPlan), your precious metals dealer (Neptune Global Holdings) and the depository (Diamond State Depository). The agreements were designed to relieve the pressure, worries, hassles, mountains of paperwork, and most importantly your time, to purchase precious metals in your IRA. Time is money, but more importantly it is your most precious commodity.

2. Better value – More precious metals for your dollar! There is no need to pay for manufacturing costs for coins or bars because the IRS prohibits you from taking possession of your IRA precious metals. The lower cost of the metals means more metal in your account. Note: If a distribution from the IRA is requested, the vault precious metal can be exchanged for manufactured coins or bars. Don’t be pennywise and pound foolish!

3. Minimal decisions – There is no need to agonize over which nationality of manufactured coin is best to purchase, or worry about shipping from abroad, because IRAs are prohibited from owning collectibles and thus the price of gold is tied to the “spot” price. Don’t get caught up in the paralysis from analysis!

4. Free purchases and sales – There is no IRA administration fee to purchase or sell precious metals in the vault account. This is especially helpful and cost-effective for many clients who like to “dollar cost average” over time to maximize profits and mitigate the concerns with timing the market. Adding to your vault account is simply one phone call and signature away. No other IRA administrator provides this feature!

5. Access to expertise – As a vault account holder you will have 365/24/7 access to your IRA account. Personal access to your IRA Account Executive and a bullion specialist is a phone call or email away. You also receive access to a weekly forum, via conference call and video, to discuss the status of precious metals in relationship to world events, which includes a Q&A session. It is great to learn form your mistakes, but it is less costly to learn from the mistakes of others!

The vault account was established by investors, for investors! To my knowledge, no other IRA company, dealer, or depository has this capability.
Remember, there are no penalties or taxes involved!