Episode 17 – Profile Series: High Notes of Growing Your Syndication Business with Corinn Altomare

Not everyone knows they want to be an investor right away. Some of us take many paths before charting a course on the road to financial freedom. Regardless of where you are in life, building wealth and saving for retirement is never a wrong turn to make. After thirteen years as a vagabond musician, Corinn Altomare took on the challenge of embracing several new roles in the world of real estate investing as property manager, owner, and syndicator. Over the course of eight years, her company, Hearthfire Holdings, has grown a portfolio of residential and commercial multi-family real estate in the Philadelphia area.  It has recently shifted into self-storage investing, where the acquisitions have so far proven resilient amidst tumultuous times. Hear Corinn’s stories as a musician and real estate investor, and discover with us as we discuss her keys to navigating new and ever-changing roles in the world of financial freedom.

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