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Is your money really safe in the bank? And if not, where is it safe?

It’s a scary question … but M.C. Laubscher, founder of Producers Wealth and Cashflow Ninja and author of The 21 Best Cashflow Niches, has a surprising answer.

Growing up in South Africa and moving to the US in 2001, Laubscher has had front-row seats to big geopolitical drama on more than one occasion — the fall of Apartheid in his home country, and then the Great Recession in his adopted country.

“I remember being a very young man where this happened to my grandparents, where they had money in a bank,” Laubscher told Ricci Truong on the CamaPlan Podcast. “Not an investment bank just to stand a regular bank. And then all of a sudden that bank went out of business and they lost the majority of their money that was in that bank.”

So how does Laubscher protect his money from inflation, taxes, and volatility?

Laubscher likes Roth IRAs … but you can only contribute so much to a Roth IRA, and people with higher incomes are not eligible for a Roth IRA at all.

So, what else does Laubscher use? Believe it or not — overfunded whole life policies from mutual life insurance companies.

Why? Because in addition to the death benefit, these policies have a cash value that earns interest and dividends with preferential treatment from the IRS.

“They’re not listed on the stock exchanges,” he said. “They’re out of the wall street casino, the growth and the dividends are tax-free. You can access the money tax-free for your investing through a credit line, which you establish (against the cash value).”

“And then of course, eventually when you pass, the money from the death benefit is transferred tax-free to your beneficiaries. So, it’s very, very, very powerful from a tax strategy and protecting your capital.”

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