Investing in Private Placements

The IRS allows retirement plans to hold shares of privately-held companies. Your self-directed IRA can purchase any type securities or shares in a private company commonly referred to as a private placement. A private placement is an equity investment in a business venture whose shares are not offered to the public or through an open market. You should perform necessary due diligence on any private placement to fully understand its risks before investing.

Here are the steps needed to fund a private placement:

  1. Please obtain an Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, and/or Subscription Agreement from the Private Entity.  Please mark each page “Read & Approved” with your initials.*
  2. Submit a signed Asset Purchase Directive
  3. Send in wiring instructions (if applicable)

*A letter stating you have “Read & Approved” each required document may be substituted for signing each document, especially if additional signature space is not available.


  • Original documents listed above must be received at least 48 hours prior to funding.
  • Funding can only occur if documents are complete and vested properly.
  • All vesting to read “CAMA SDIRA LLC FBO (Your Name) IRA”
    For example: CAMA SDIRA LLC FBO John Smith IRA