Real Estate is Hot For IRA Investments

Real estate has more than stabilized and the watch is on for residential properties. Prices are increasing for the first time in years, and the foreign influence in real estate purchases has buoyed the market. The residential rebound is a predictor that growth in the commercial market is not far behind. The decreasing value of the dollar in the past read more >

Precious Metals Made Easy for IRA Retirement Accounts

Precious metals have historically been considered one of the safest and most stable commodities in which to invest. However, many investors do not realize that they have the option to include these assets in their IRA accounts. Gold and other precious metals can be a sound investment choice for individuals wishing to diversify their holdings, and CamaPlan has made it read more >

IRS Giving IRA Holders a Chance to Catch Up

The IRS is giving holders of IRA accounts a chance to catch up by increasing the 2013 IRA contribution limits on tax-deferred and tax-free accounts. The increased contribution limit for both Traditional and Roth IRAs is the first increase since 2008, and it comes at an ideal time for workers concerned about potentially higher payroll taxes. Coupled with the higher read more >

Mary’s Story: Two For the Price of One

Mary was a student in the “Real Estate Riches” program in Philadelphia in early 2008 as the real estate market “bubble” was beginning to burst. As she saw real estate prices declining, she decided to move her IRA from the stock market to CamaPlan, so she would be ready to purchase an investment property. She sold her stock and transferred read more >

Ways to Invest in Gold & Silver

Gold and silver have been a store of wealth and have served as the foundation of monetary systems for centuries. Gold and silver fabricated into coin form has been trusted and used as sound money by virtually all nations at some point. Investing in gold and silver is not complicated and actually offers you a very liquid and transparent market. read more >

Why Vault Gold in Your IRA?

1. Ease, speed, and convenience – Your team is established and procedures and documentation are simplified. Coordination is streamlined by prior agreements established with your IRA administrator (CamaPlan), your precious metals dealer (Neptune Global Holdings) and the depository (Diamond State Depository). The agreements were designed to relieve the pressure, worries, hassles, mountains of paperwork, and most importantly your time, to read more >

Turning Your IRA Into a Mini-Bank

Many IRA owners are turning to private lending as a way to increase returns and provide a secure financial future, and they are using their IRAs for the tax advantages associated with them. View the Private Lending Checklist for and an understanding of what is mandatory for anyone considering this investment.

Why private lending now?

The economic times, uncertainty in read more >

Am I Eligible For a Roth IRA…And Should I Have One?

Reasons for a Roth IRA

Tax Rate Question Eliminated
No RMD’s
Tax Free Income & Profit For LIFE
Contributions – Immediate Access Anytime*
Outlives You For Over 100 Years!
Contributions Allowed after 70.5 Years Old

*Does not necessarily cover conversions, 5 year rule may apply


Roth Contribution Eligibility

Annual Regular Roth IRA Contributions Based on Modified Adjusted Gross Income

The maximum 2012 annual regular contribution limit per individual read more >

Are Notes in Your IRA a Good Idea?

Once people understand that notes and mortgages can be assets in an IRA, they want to know more. The idea that your IRA can be a mini-bank is appealing – not to mention profitable. Each year IRAs continue to invest in more notes and mortgages. There are several factors that have contributed to this phenomenon over the years:

Bank requirements have read more >

Important Questions to Ask When Selling Real Estate in Your IRA

Is the property an investment or business inventory?

The IRS will allow a tax-exempt organization (IRA or 401(k)) to engage in a passive activity that generates capital gains, interest, rental income, royalties, and dividends without incurring any tax (IRC 512). However, if the IRA/401(k) engages in an active trade or business, such as a restaurant, store, or manufacturing business, the IRS read more >