Episode 30 – Investing vs Speculating …and How Do You Know the Difference? With Paul Moore

At any stage in your investment career, perhaps one of the most illuminating, honest, and challenging questions to ask yourself is, “Why?” Why am I choosing this investment? Why am I starting this fund? Why do I want to take this route to financial freedom? Being able to locate and define the “whys” that all investors encounter throughout their lives and careers can not only help you better understand your investments, but better understand yourself. Paul Moore is no stranger to the benefits and the pitfalls of real estate investing in all of its forms. His history and background led him to discover the benefits of real estate, build and co-manage a successful multifamily development, and become Managing Director of three commercial real estate funds at Wellings Capital. Moore’s education efforts as a co-host of two podcasts, his weekly contributions to Fox Business and BiggerPockets, and his book The Perfect Investment – Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing and Storing Up Profits – Capitalize on America’s Obsession with Stuff by Investing in Self-Storage have helped investors develop strategies to earn higher, safer returns, partner with the IRS to reap significant profits, and discover, determine, and execute their “big why”. Join us as we sit down with Paul to discuss his journey and how he discovered his own “big why” as an investor.

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