Episode 29 – Profile Series: Accounting for Favorable Investments with Brian Adams

On any road, there are pathways that can lead to new routes and new discoveries. For many successful investors, following their early passions is often what leads them to discovering the joys and benefits of alternative investments, and eventually, can lead them to financial freedom. Brian Adams, founder of Adams Investor Group, LLC, began as a CPA specializing in real estate taxation and forensic accounting for top tier firms and high-net worth individuals before combining his expertise and passion for real estate investing to create his own firm. Now, with over two decades of experience, he has bought and sold 3,800 apartment units valued at over $210 million and has helped countless clients with better understanding their tax and cash states to form a fiscally responsible position when it comes to their real estate investments. Brian has dedicated himself to serving his clients and remains diligent in continuing to educate himself in accounting, tax, and real estate fields. Listen to his background as a CPA and hear how pursuing his  passions as an investor led him to founding his business, helping clients, and expanding his horizons.

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The IDEAL Report:  Why Apartment Complexes make the IDEAL Investment!

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