Episode 28 – Profile Series: Investments Near & Far with Ashley Wilson

As a new investor looking to understand alternative investments, information is always at your fingertips…but sometimes, the sheer amount of it all can leave your head spinning. Nowadays, resources are everywhere, and whether it’s networks, events, publications, or even a simple search engine inquiry, your options as an investor are truly unlimited. So, how do you determine what’s best for you? There are always, of course, the major factors to consider, such as time, distance, and even who to partner with, that can truly help you discover your niche. For Ashley Wilson, co-founder of Bar Down Investments, LLC and HouseItLook, LLC, following her own passions into the world of real estate investing has led to over ten years of experience and involvement in over $40 million within both single and multi-family real estate transactions, and has also resulted in a successful high-end flipping business. Pursuing investing, construction management, operational consulting, and flipping has brought her to investments across the country, all while partnering in business with her husband, Kyle and her father, Tom. Hear about Ashley’s experiences working with family, investing near and far, and the lessons she has learned that have allowed her to continue pursuing her passions as an investor.

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