Episode 27 – Profile Series: Unlocking & Understanding Alternative Investments with Fred Moskowitz

Whether you’re a well-established investor or someone who has just gotten their start, being able to “read”, or understand, an investment is the first step in conducting proper due diligence. Having a stronger grasp on your investments and how you can be in control of growing your income can lead to greater success as an investor, especially when it comes to alternative investments like real estate, private placements, and notes. Fred Moskowitz is a seasoned note investor, entrepreneur, author, and public speaker who is currently managing a mortgage note fund. His experiences as an investor have equipped him with the knowledge and wisdom to train investors at all levels of expertise  to enhance their level of financial literacy, understand alternative investing, and create passive income streams. Join us as we sit with Fred to talk about his work with self-directed investing, alternative assets, his upcoming book “The Little Green Book Of Note Investing”, and his journey to financial freedom.

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