Episode 26 – Profile Series: Private Investing & Family Office Solutions with Richard Wilson

Making investments can mean taking great risks, especially if you’re new to the game and haven’t learned how to properly conduct due diligence. How do you determine risk, and how do you seek out great conservative investments? Richard Wilson, founder of Family Office Club, Commercial Real Estate, and Private Equity, has worked with clients starting family offices and investing privately to gain the knowledge to help his growing network of 2,500 registered investors source direct, profitable investments in real estate and business operations.  Wilson’s work with his clients has helped him share with the industry some of the greatest tips, tricks, and common mistakes that can be made from private investing and family office solutions. Hear his candid take on due diligence, fee negotiations, evaluating risk and more as he sits down with CamaPlan to discuss his journey to becoming an industry leader in family office solutions and centimillionaire investing.

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