Episode 25 – Profile Series: Discovering the Path to Note Investments with Michael Jones

If you ask just about any investor how they got started to get where they are now, you may be surprised to find that almost no one will meet you with the response, “I always knew I wanted to be an investor”. For Mike Jones, who got his start in biology and electrical engineering,  his never-ending curiosity and passion for learning and growing led him to new places in the world and as an investor. His life experience and unique studies turned his attention and focus to Single Family Residential Debt, from which he began as a note investor to help others stay in their homes and unlock new passive income streams. Mike’s first note fund, Forste Fund, LLC, delivered the promised 9% return to its investors and provided a business model he could expand on for his current note fund, First Position Capital, LLC. Over the course of his time as an investor, educator, and entrepreneur, regardless of his growing network and passive cash flow, Mike’s mission has remained the same as an investor as it has been his whole life:  to help improve the lives of others.

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