Episode 22 – Profile Series: Balancing Life and Wealth with Matt Topley

Regardless of where you are in your journey, finding balance between your financial and personal goals can be a valuable wealth-building key for investors. But how is this balance achieved?  How can you ensure that your investments will gain capital while strategizing for your family’s future well-being? For starters, having a trusted team of financial experts on your side can help you determine whether investments are the right fit for you and your life goals. Matt Topley, Founder & President of Lansing Street Advisors, has overseen his clients’ strategies for investments, personal finance, and life.  His extensive financial background from nearly two decades behind the trading desk and studying abroad has allowed him to help clients enhance, preserve, and protect their wealth for future generations. Hear his stories from his unique, global background and learn strategies for investing and life that will help you build a successful financial future and family legacy.

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