Episode 21 – Profile Series: Developing Your Conscious Edge with Alecia St. Germain

Perhaps one of the most common things we as investors take for granted is our mental health. How often do we check in with ourselves to evaluate if we are not only financially, but emotionally ready to take on an investment? How can we access our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses in order to grow our wealth and meet our goals…all while becoming the best version of ourselves in the process? Meet founder and Ace of Transformation behind The Conscious Edge: Alecia St. Germain. For more than 15 years, she has trained over 7,000 clients one-on-one and in small groups in developing strategies and tools such as Immunity-to-Change coaching to make lasting impact as leaders, entrepreneurs, and well-rounded investors. Hear her story of how she developed her practices, how it has impacted some of the well-known real estate industry experts, and learn how you can start developing strategies to start making your own impact on the investment world.

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