Episode 20 – How To Series: Purchasing Real Estate in Your IRA with Donna Iannuzzi

Many of the investors we have heard from on this podcast have gotten their start through real estate. With its varying types and wide range of benefits, it’s no wonder real estate is one of the most popular alternative assets people choose to invest in. But if you’re someone just starting and you aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs of the real estate world, all of those options and details can be hard to wrap your head around. Additionally, investing in this asset type with a self-directed IRA comes with its own set of rules. If you have the right tools and knowledge, however, real estate investing can result in growing retirement income. CamaPlan’s Donna Iannuzzi is a long-standing member of our Operations Department and has helped thousands of clients navigate real estate transactions of all kinds. Join us as we sit down with Donna while she breaks down the steps and strategies for purchasing, holding, and selling real estate through a self-directed IRA.

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