Episode 18 – Profile Series: Investing in Energy with Troy Eckard

Alternative assets span a wide range beyond the realm of Wall Street’s traditional stocks and bonds. Perhaps you’re familiar with popular alternative assets like real estate, notes, and even precious metals. Diving deeper into these investments can open you up to a whole new world of specialized asset types that can help you grow your wealth over time. Troy Eckard is a former investment broker who turned to the energy sector to build several successful business operations. He invests in real estate, mineral rights, midstream, on and offshore drilling, fabrication, storage, and transportation both personally and as a co-investor with his company, Eckard Enterprises, LLC. Raising over $200 million in energy and real estate assets stemmed from Eckard’s desire to bridge the market gap for clients so that they may access and acquire tangible, long-term, cash-flowing

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