Episode 11 – Unlocking Potential with Liz Faircloth

As investors, we ask ourselves many questions when we start out: Do I have the time to start investing? How much can I afford to spend on investments? Is this investment right for me? How do I find the right property? Am I ready? For Liz Faircloth and her husband, who are co-founders of The DeRosa Group located in Trenton, NJ, helping investors answer those questions and “transform their lives through real estate” by bringing properties to their highest and best use and promoting the core value of win-win partnerships. Liz continues to give back to investors navigating their way to financial freedom as a co-founder of The Real Estate InvestHER community, which promotes empowerment, accountability, and mentorship for women in the investment sphere. As an investor, a speaker, and podcast host, Liz’s ongoing outreach to her community of investors, much like DeRosa’s mission to its properties, enables investors to live to their highest and best use. Hear her story and learn how you can gain the tools to begin transforming your own investment life and strategies.

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