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IRS Requires Additional Reporting on Your IRA?

New, Expanded Reporting Requirements That May Affect Your IRA:

The 5498 form which reports annual contributions and the fair market value of the assets in the IRA.

The 1099-R that reports any distributions from the IRA to the IRS each year.

Additions to Form 5498

New boxes (15a & 15b) have been added to  Form 5498 for 2014 to report on those “non-traditional” assets read more >

Self Directed IRAs: NEWS ALERT

6 Strategies to Make Sure You Have Enough Money to Retire?

By: Carl Fischer principal of CamaPlan a self directed IRA company.

Mar 2014

How much money do you need for a financially secure retirement? It seems like a simple question, however the answer is complicated because there are so many variables—some known, others impossible to pin read more >