SD401k vs SDIRA: Advantages and Disadvantages

Discussing SDIRA and Checkbook IRA/ LLC with an Attorney and CPA

In this webinar Carl Fischer of CamaPlan discusses self-directed IRA's and Checkbook IRA/LLC's with Attorney Wayne P. Kerr, C.P.A., Esq., L.L.M. and Elizabeth Cummings C.P.A.

Leveraging the Rocket Fuel of Self-Direct IRAs with Carl Fischer

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out self-directed IRAs, but it may have before the age of the Internet. Fortunately, Carl Fischer, a third generation real estate investor, graduated from Cornell and went directly into rocket science. However, when his father passed, he dealt with the estate and stumbled across an investor using a self-directed IRA. That experience led him to learn more about SDIRAs, he started CamaPlan with his co-founder and sister Maggie Polisano to help others leverage the power of SDIRA investing. Learn more about how SDIRAs can serve as rocket fuel to blast up your retirement account

The Power of Self-Directed IRAs

Donna Bauer and Carl Fischer of CamaPlan discuss the power of self-directed IRAs in building and preserving wealth. Using tax free and tax deferred accounts to invest in assets such as real estate and of course notes. Strategies to provide tax free income for life while investing in assets you understand and can control

Interview with Dave Van Horn of PPR Note Academy

Dave Van Horn of PPR Note Co, gives us a brief education on note investing. Dave will the go over the pros and cons, what’s needed, how it should work to maximize profits and minimize risk. We will ask Dave questions about his background, company and the note industry. You won’t want to miss this interview.

Investing in High Yield 1-Year Secured Promissory Note

How to Hypothecate Your Performing Notes

NNG and CamaPlan discuss performing notes. Real estate note holders know that their performing notes are income producing assets; however, they may not realize that they could leverage the value of their notes and the income they produce to borrow money and invest in other investment opportunities.

A Discussion with Scott Krone on SSSK Capital Fund

A discussion with Scott Krone on SSSK Capital Fund. A real estate management fund that is made up of self-storage facilities. Scott and SSSK Capital Fund converts non-performing properties into successful self-storage facilities.

Generate Passive Income with Alternative Investments

Interview with Argo Property Group

This webinar is an interview of Argo property group. Argo Property Group LLC is a real estate design, development, and investment team creating modern and high-quality homes in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Argo’s journey started in late 2014 the company quickly seized on Philadelphia’s development growth and appreciation by acquiring more than 50 additional properties over the next few years - ranging from vacant single-family parcels to large mixed-use assets. During this period of growth, Argo expanded its lines of business into construction management and investment services by adding local and international partners and a general contracting arm.

Interview with Brandon Rooks of Rockstar Investments

This is an interview webinar with Brandon Rooks of Rockstar Investments. Brandon has been in the real estate industry since 2005, and today specializes in new construction and fix/flip investment opportunities. Brandon will tell us about how he got started, how his deals work and why he is so passionate about his clients. Brandon has molded Rockstar Investments, LLC into a development consulting firm that helps developers and builders put together Investment real estate projects. Rockstar then takes these projects to multiple turnkey investment sellers around the country.

Interview with David Lecko, Creator of DealMachine Mobile Application

In this webinar with David Lecko, the creator of the DealMachine mobile application, he tells us about the app, how he was inspired to create, and why he believes it is a game changer for real estate investors. The DealMachine application is a tool made by a real estate investor for real estate investors.

Investing in Apartment Complexes

Investor Agent Live Weekly Q and A

Carl Fischer and Gary Wilson discuss real estate in an IRA

Is it time for the stock market to crash? How to avoid the stress and get a lucrative fixed rate investment!

In this webinar Beka Shea of LaPlace Transforms talks about her experience in real estate. Beka Shea is a real estate investor with over 60 deals under her belt. She partners with many private lenders to utilize their SDIRAs to get great returns in the real estate arena. Register for her talk about options that fit a variety of retirement goals. Whether it’s a 6 month or 20 year investment, there are a few strong options you for consideration!

Investor Agent Live Weekly Q and A

Carl Fischer and Gary Wilson discuss real estate in an IRA

On Trend Real Estate Investing

SD401k vs SDIRA: Advantages and Disadvantages For Real Estate Investments

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Crowd Funding

Q&A with Attorney John Hyre

Q&A with Attorney John Hyre. Some topics we will be covering are UBIT/UDFI, Checkbook LLC, and valuing investments. John Hyre is a tax attorney with 22 years of experience. Prior to venturing into private practice, John worked for a Fortune 500 company as Tax Counsel and for two of the "Big Three" accounting firms as a Tax Consultant.

Banks vs Alternative Lenders: Who Is Going to Win the Small Business Customer?

William Bromley of CapitalSource 2000,Inc shares with us who he believes will win the small business customer. He covers the following topics: Small Business Sector, Banks Capital Supply to the Sector, What is Fintech and How Are They Beating the Banks, 55% of Small Businesses Cannot Get the Capital They Need, Who Are the Innovators, How Will Banks Change, How Will Billions of Dollars Reach to Small Business Market?

Interview with Thomas McKeon, a Registered Advisor

In this webinar Carl Fischer interviews Tom McKeon a Registered Advisor with Clothier Springs Capital Management. Tom tells us about his role at Clothier Springs Capital Management and tells us some great information on what his company does.

Invest In a Business You Have Never Seen- Private Venture Capital

William Bromley of Capital Source 2000, Inc will give us a brief education on business loans with merchant accounts. He will go over the pros and cons, what’s needed, how it should work to maximize profits and minimize risks. In addition, Bill will tell us about his how he structured his company and why it is successful in today’s economic conditions.

“Investing in Life Settlements” Dean Vagnozzi President of: A Better Financial Plan

Social Selling Training

Structured Settlement Annuities: An Attractive Alternative For Investors - Build Wealth Your Way

Structured Settlement Annuities: An Attractive Alternative for Investors

The Care & Feeding of Your Pennsylvania LLC

Valuations of Alternative Investments

Valuations of LLC’s & Other Securities

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