Banks vs Alternative Lenders: Who Is Going to Win the Small Business Customer?

William Bromley of CapitalSource 2000,Inc shares with us who he believes will win the small business customer. He covers the following topics: Small Business Sector, Banks Capital Supply to the Sector, What is Fintech and How Are They Beating the Banks, 55% of Small Businesses Cannot Get the Capital They Need, Who Are the Innovators, How Will Banks Change, How Will Billions of Dollars Reach to Small Business Market?

Invest In a Business You Have Never Seen- Private Venture Capital

William Bromley of Capital Source 2000, Inc will give us a brief education on business loans with merchant accounts. He will go over the pros and cons, what’s needed, how it should work to maximize profits and minimize risks. In addition, Bill will tell us about his how he structured his company and why it is successful in today’s economic conditions.

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Structured Settlement Annuities: An Attractive Alternative for Investors

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