What is the Right Thing to do in This Economy?

By Carl Fischer

The situation: Times are tough, no doubt, for many Americans. The elderly are going through their retirements faster than expected because returns are minimal and have not yet fully recovered from the 2008 recession. The banks are not lending except to a few people who meet very specific criteria. Unemployment is not getting better and the stock market at best is a rollercoaster trading in a specific range. Regulations are keeping the unemployed from opening their own businesses and choking existing businesses. Politicians are in a stalemate, spending money in a wasteful manner, and can’t seem to stop.

The answer: Take control of your future with a CamaPlan IRA/401K. Sixty-one percent of Americans think they can spend money better than the politicians. The use of the CamaPlan IRA/401K can make this happen. Trillions of dollars are “locked up” in IRAs tied to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, at the mercy of world events. The CamaPlan IRA unlocks the funds to be used to invest in real estate, loan money, obtain shares of local businesses, purchase gold, and a whole host of other investments. This can be done without any taxes or penalties while maintaining the tax advantaged status of your IRA/401K. 

If you are tired of the minimal and volatile Wall Street returns you must investigate alternative investments. It provides the opportunity to invest in Main Street directly. Think about being a mini-bank and your IRA receiving the proceeds while helping a neighbor to finance a property in your neighborhood and having a hard asset as collateral. Think about it—you can lend your IRA dollars directly to the borrower and collect the full interest.

If you are seeing the real estate market bottom out, it might be the right time for your IRA to purchase the real estate and collect the rents without having to pay taxes, thus increasing your net worth that much faster. Investing in foreign real estate is also an option.

If you are trying to preserve wealth then you should consider an insurance policy by purchasing gold and hold it until the government stops spending and printing the dollar, thus deflating its value.

Some new companies are coming about as a result of new regulations and it might be the right time to invest in a new start-up company instead of letting the value of the dollar and inflation erode your financial future.

Each individual should determine the risk of any investment and should ask professionals for help in determining the risks and the rewards if the investment is new or unfamiliar to them. Each person should also ask themselves, “Who watches my money better than me?”

To learn more about how this is possible please visit or call 866-559-4430 for more information. It is recommended that you feel comfortable with the self directed approach and the investment of your choice.

In conclusion, one must decide if they are going to be part of the solution and depend on their own knowledge, skills, and experience to adapt to the present economy or wait for Washington to fix it. Everyone reading this article comes from a long line of survivors, so it is in your blood to make the right decision. 

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