Top Reasons to Have a Roth IRA

By Carl Fischer

The following is a summary of the top reasons people want Roth IRAs.

  • Tax Free income for life–All earnings in a Roth IRA are tax free with qualified withdrawals.
  • Roth contributions can be withdrawn at anytime, at any age without any penalty or taxation.
  • You can continue to contribute to a Roth after age 70 1/2 as long as you have earned income and do not exceed income limits.
  • Contributions are taxed today, when you know your tax rate, and are not subject to future change in the tax brackets.
  • Uncle Sam is not a partner in the Roth portion of your retirement plan.
  • When and how to obtain a Roth is often debated but accountants, attorneys, financial planners, etc agree that Roth money is the most valuable.
  • Roth accounts can be passed to heirs to provide tax free income for a century or longer.
  • Roth accounts can be used with traditional tax deferred accounts to minimize your yearly tax burdenyou have additional control of how much tax and when you will pay it.

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