The Gurus of Cash Flow Distribution

By Steven B. Morris, Sr.

Main Line Guarantee, LLC of Cherry Hill, NJ has been marketing and selling structured settlements and other seasoned cash flows to advisors and private retail clients throughout the United States since 2008. In good times and in trying times, the business of providing clients with a higher rate of return and dependable cash flows at pennies on the dollar have never been better.

In 2011, Main Line Guarantee sold over $25,000,000 in aggregate payments from structured settlements and built a nationwide sales force of over 2,000 advisors encompassing CPAs, life insurance agents, attorneys, real estate professionals and advisors, and developed a private retail client base through hard work, exemplary marketing efforts and an unparalleled referral network. The principles of Main Line Guarantee, LLC, Bruce Braverman, Errol Kofsky and Steven Morris, are committed to their craft and spend most of their time talking to advisors and their clients, comparing CDs, treasuries, money markets and cash flows that could be achieved through “alternative income strategies” using structured settlements. In 2012, Main Line Guarantee expects to far surpass their record sales year posted in 2011.

Structured settlements are not a new type of income strategy. In the past, structured settlements were primarily purchased by institutions, private families and a cloistered group of high net-worth investors. It was the sacred secret of income professionals until recently, when companies like Main Line Guarantee brought these vehicles to a broader base of trusted advisors and clientele nationwide. Our clients are now taking advantage of the benefits from structured settlements at buying discounted cash flows.

Structured settlements are very unique, contractual agreements and they are not a projection or based upon a person’s lifespan. They are highly regulated and require state & federal court approval. An “irrevocable court order” is issued by a judge to both the buyer and seller stipulating that a U.S. based insurance carrier rated ‘A’ or better will pay a buyer the dependable, predictable and expected “cash flow” regardless of market conditions or interest rates. Structured settlements are non-correlated to the U.S. equity or bond markets and are not callable.

Main Line Guarantee has a very diverse client base and has found that structured settlements are purchased to facilitate many objectives: as supplemental income, to provide gifting strategies to charities, alma maters or family members, or for college planning and generation skipping. They can also be purchased within a self-directed IRA plan for the golden years. Main Line Guarantee recommends CAMA for any of their clients who are purchasing structured settlements and other seasoned cash flows within their self-directed IRA plans. As an example, several months ago, one of our clients purchased a structured settlement cash flow for less than $200,000 and assigned the cash flow of $1,000,000 to his alma mater. In time, the alma mater will receive the aggregate of $1,000,000 in payments.

Structured settlements are an under-marketed and under-sold niche of alternative income strategies and are more often referred to as “secondary market annuities.” As a savvy conservative investor, why settle for just bank CDs or Treasuries in the guaranteed portion of your portfolio and be stuck in the mundane 1% – 2% world? Put your money to work in a structured settlement and receive a higher cash flow now or into the future. There are several cash flow options which include (1) payments to begin immediately, (2) immediate monthly and lump sum payments, or (3) have deferred payments out into the future. Structured settlements are one of a kind vehicles and should be a viable part of your conservative portfolio, but they are not for everybody. If you have questions, or are interested in finding out more about structured settlements, please give us a call at: (856) 396-0900 or email us at:

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